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South Laguna

(27°59.847' N, 34°28.915' E)


South Laguna is a shallow, sandy, well sheltered lagoon with only a few coral heads but a safe place to take a mooring for the night. Outside the lagoon you can do a real great afternoon drift to the lighthouse at the northern end of the lagoon.


Here the reef is gently sloping seawards, covered by large gorgonian fan corals and coral heads with plenty of small marine life. Look to the blue for leopard shark, a frequent visitor who is also found often at the entrance of the lagoon.


The aera is strongly infuenced by tidal currents, your guide will careful consider the sea conditions - swell and the strength and direction of the current. At the end of the dive make sure that you surface close to the reef and wait for your dive boat or zodiac to pick you up.