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Ras Za’atar

(27°45.860' N, 34°15.364' E)


Ras Za'atar is located at the southern tip of Marsa Bareika where the wall of Ras Mohamed meets the gentle slope of the bay of Marsa Bareika. Having many cracks and some small caves it is scattered with a variety of corals.


Only to be done as a drift dive, it will take you along a steep wall with caves and overhangs where back coral trees are found. Just before the corner stay at a depth of 15 m and look out for a wide split that begins at this depth, than narrows towards the surface, becoming a true chimney. You will see the typical inhabitants of gullies and crevices such as lionfish, glassfish and some large Malabar groupers. Look closer for the cleaning stations with the wrasse and shrimp in attendance.


The current may get stronger around the cape and in the blue there are schools of jackfish and barracuda hunting. Ras Za'atar is dived less often than Shark/Yolanda Reef so there are more open ocean fish here. The shallow areas of the wall are excellent places for macro photography.