King Snefro

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Jackfish Alley

 (27°46.000' N, 34°15.000' E)


The white patch on the vertical cliff face is a good marker for this site that is also known as "Fisherman's Bank". Best dived in the morning as the sun lights the reef, begin with a sheer wall with lots of small holes and caves. Diving southward, the wall leads to a sandy plateau at around 20 m.


At the beginning of the plateau you can enter one of two caves. The first extends into the reef, enter to the cave, turn left and re-enter open water. Do not dive deep into this cave as there is no exit. Keep the main reef on your right; you will come to a large coral outcrop which is opposite to the second cave that extends vertically to 3 to 4 m from the surface. On leaving the cave you will have a fantastic view into the blue water.


Move south and you find two coral heads, again covered with glassfish and plenty of soft and hard corals, a real great spot for photographers. Continue along the coral garden into the sandy alley, with plenty of passing jacks and resting stingrays. As well sometimes white tip sharks can be seen. In late summer be aware of titan triggerfish guarding their nests.


Due to greater depths, the long swim, the local tidal conditions or sea breezes with a high swell, Jackfish Alley is restricted to more experienced divers. The recovery of divers is at the end of the dive path and usually made by boat or zodiac, sometimes into high swell or current. When the sea is rough, this dive is not advised.