King Snefro

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Shark Observatory

(27°44.005' N, 34°15.605' E)


This is a magnificent wall dive with a superb marine landscape where towering cliffs continue underwater to fade into the deep blue. The drift dive is along a vertical wall with numerous of gullies, caves and small canyons.


Coral growth is good with lots of variety among both soft and stony species. Jacks and Turtles, various kinds of reef fish such as big grouper and napoleons and the occasional grey or black tip shark can be seen. Divers should be careful of the strong currents which are common in this area.


Towards Anemone City you will reach a small beach under the observatory covered with some large gorgonians and, further up, a majestic overhang. Continue along the wall until you will find a beautiful cave that has a large fissure in its top where the sunlight shines trough, an amazing view.