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Anemone City

(27°43.300' N, 34°15.000' E)


Anemone City is one of the nicest sites in the area. The reef is steeply sloping forming a large shallow area, then suddenly drops away at a sharp angle to a smooth wall that is broken by some inlets, plateaus and shelves.


As the name is saying, there are uncountable numbers of anemone, with thousands of anemone and damselfish. Towards Shark Reef coral growth is very rich while barracudas and needlefish can be found near the surface. The dive begins northeast of Shark Reef on a plateau at a depth of 12 to 20 m. The plateau itself is like a balcony over the drop off into the deep blue. Out in the blue you will spot schools of batfish, emperors, jackfish, snappers and unicorn fish.


Leaving Anemone City behind, you can swim in the blue for a few minutes at a depth 20 m, which will lead to Shark Reef. Swimming across the channel is only an option for experienced divers and can be considered if current is not strong.