King Snefro

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El Nigh’sh

 (27°47.310' N, 34°11.120' E)


The site is located at Sha'ab Surur. Rarely dived, this is a gently sloping reef covered in tremendous hard corals.


Away from the place where boats are normal moored up, at the outer reef this will be a drift with the slight current. The reef is extremely rich in different king of corals. Huge table corals and on the sandy slope, many small coral pillars are covered with soft corals and surrounded by thousands of glassfish. Towards the plateau the underwater scenery reminds of diving trough a fairytale garden, a huge brain coral usually marks the end of the dive. 


El Negh'sh is a wonderful afternoon dive as it is shallow with a maximum depth of 12 to 15 m and sometimes dolphins are passing by on the way to Sha'ab Ali.