King Snefro

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 (27°40.070' N, 33°48.320' E)


At the entrance of the Strait of Gubal, the reef extends like a pointing finger into the sea. The site got its name from the turbulence created by strong currents and big waves that beat the eastern wall of the island Small Gubal.


Huge fan corals cover an impressive drop off with caves and glassfish. Bluff Point is suitable for two different dives. If sea conditions are rough, start with the one to the south. At the cape a large cave lies just off the lighthouse, dive along the wall with more big and small caves toward a small shipwreck in the middle of the bay. Coral growth is good with a wide variety of hard and soft corals. Black coral bushes can be found at depth. Keep watching the current and stay close to the reef.


The other possible dive, north of the cape, is usual done by Zodiac if sea conditions are good. Several hundred meters to the north you can dive the shipwreck of the "Ulysses", well covered in corals and populated by a large variety of species. The site offers the usual broad range of colourful reef species, lots of jacks and fusiliers, is famous for turtles and bottlenose dolphins are frequent visitors.


Note May 2012: Dive Sites in the area of Gubal Island can not be dived due to an order from the military. This affects the dive sites of Ulysses, Barge, Malak and the Rosalie Moller. It is unknown how long the restriction will be in place.