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Kingston (Sara H.)

 (27°46.438' N, 33°52.241' E)


Close to Sha'ab Ali in the early hours of 22 February 1881, the 78 m long "Kingston" ran aground at the northern edge of the reef that is known as Shag Rock. The British cargo ship, constructed in 1871, was on its way to Yemen carrying coal. Named after a skipper's wife, the wreck is also known as "Sara H."


The wreck lies in only 17 m depth upright on an even keel with the bow smashed into a superb reef. It is still in good condition as the weight of the cargo keeps it in place and prevents the vessel from being pushed over by real strong currents. Start your dive with the inspection of the stern section at 17 m with the intact propeller and rudder. Swim up, over the top and into the wreck itself. Access is easy; the wooden decks have rotten away, leaving a series of spars and metal frames. Now the entire wreck is wide open. Inside surgeon and glass fish, as well lots of Antheas hiding from the current. Colorful pink, green, red and blue hard corals cover the wreck.


Midships the "Kingston" is broken up and the front half of the ship is nothing more than a collection of wreckage. The two masts lie alongside the wreck facing up the reef where sweet lips, snappers, fusiliers and sometimes tuna can be found.  During the afternoon there is a good chance for a meeting with dolphins that are resident in the area.