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(27°47.450' N, 33°51.220' E)


The 19th century steam-driven sailing ship "Carina" was on its way to Calcutta with general cargo that included Belgian glassware. Coming from Suez it seems to have caught fire south of Sha'ab Ali. Probably the captain ran north for shallower waters to the northwest corner of Shag Rocks reef extension towards Sha'ab Ali.


The "Carina" is lying in shallow water and wreckage is spread over a large area. The bow and stern sections are intact and lie between 6 to 14 m. Some of the cargo is still visible: fragments of painted glass and drinking vessels. The wreckage has widespread coral growth and marine life. More of the cargo must be hidden beneath the well grown hard corals.


Due to the location large swell and strong currents are common and the wreck is dived infrequently, recovery of divers can get difficult at times and must be consider well when planning this dive.