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Giannis D.

(27°34.630' N, 33°55.410' E)


At the western tip of Sha'ab Abu Nuhas lies the well-known "Giannis D." which was launched as the "Shoyo Maru". It was also known by two other names "Dana" and "Markos" before taking its final name. Being loaded with wood at the Croatian port of Rijeka the 100 m long Greek cargo ship had to sail to Saudi Arabia. On the 19 April 1983 with the engines set at full speed ahead, the "Giannis D." drove hard onto the north west corner of Abu Nuhas and had been declared a total constructive loss.


The wreck lies in two parts on the seabed at max depth of 27 m, more or less parallel to the main reef. The central part is destroyed and reduced to scrap metal. The bow lies on one side with an anchor still hooked into the reef. The masts above the bridge rise up to only 4 m. The bridge itself is large, shallow at 10 m, with plenty of light and a number of wide open entry and exit points, good conditions for those wishing to enter a wreck for the first time.


On the large funnel a big "D" can still be read. The bridge, engine room and gangways are easily accessible. The impressive engine room is filled with glassfish. The stern is rather big, fully intact and can be explored inside. The wreck is populated with big groupers living on the destroyed central part. Be aware of lion and scorpion fish. A lot of trevallies can be seen swimming among the wreckage while sometimes sharks   and spotted eagle rays are passing in the blue water.


Pay attention to sea conditions, strong surges in and around the wreck are common in rough weather.