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Marcus (Tile Wreck)

(27°34.795' N, 33°55.693' E)


There is controversy over the identity of 'the tile wreck' - is it the wreck of the Marcus or the Chrisoula K? Both ran aground in the exact same place, both were carrying similar cargo of Italian tiles and both ships looked very similar .....


The "Marcus" was on the way to Saudi Arabia, faced steering problems and struck the reef of Abu Nuhas in May 1978 during a storm. The cargo was, same as on the "Chrisoula K.", Italian granite floor tiles. When running aground the weight of her cargo let her stuck firmly into the reef. The vessel became a total constructive loss but never broke apart.


According to the facts found by P. Collins in 2002, remains of the bow section can be seen on the shallow reef top, the starboard anchor chain is visible and the wreck stands upright down the slope of the reef. Not like the "Chrisoula K." the wreck is relative intact, although the bridge collapsed and the remains offering some nice swim through. At 27 m depth the stern is lying over to starboard and the propellers are intact. Hard corals have covered the hull and a real huge grouper seems to guards the wreck.