King Snefro

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Barge (Tug Boat)

(27°40.070' N, 33°48.320' E)


At the islands of Small Gubal, in the bay below Bluff Point, lies this old barge at just 14 m of depth. Being used to tie boats that moor here for the night, just little more than a small open hull remained.


During the day you find the wreck covered in soft corals and spectacular fish life such as lionfish and giant moray eels. At night it is entirely different and becomes an outstanding site. Especially on a night dive make sure to stay at the wreck as currents are tricky.


Note May 2012: Dive Sites in the area of Gubal Island can not be dived due to an order from the military. This affects the dive sites of Ulysses, Barge, Malak and the Rosalie Moller. It is unknown how long the restriction will be in place.