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 (27°41.120' N, 33°48.100' E)


Like so many others, the "Ulysses" was a steam cargo ship with sails and on a passage from London to Malaysia. In August 1887 it ran aground outside east side of Small Gubal Island and sank slowly weeks later when sea conditions went bad.


The majority of the ship lies on its port side on the seabed at 28 m, but parts of the bow are visible just below the surface. If sea conditions are good and no mounting swells at the site, the dive is beautiful. The stern of the wreck is overgrown by soft coral. You can find the obligatory glassfish in the bow section and with strong currents over the hull, travellies and jack fish are common.


The site is towards the Straits of Gubal and is directly facing the north to south current. The current here can be very strong and the surface swell is large, making boat mooring impossible. The only way to dive here will be a long zodiac ride from the south side of Bluff Point.


Note May 2012: Dive Sites in the area of Gubal Island can not be dived due to an order from the military. This affects the dive sites of Ulysses, Barge, Malak and the Rosalie Moller. It is unknown how long the restriction will be in place.