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Sea Star


There are several conflicting reports about this vessel. In some guides it is wrongly sited on Abu Nuhas but in fact lies north of the Ulysses. The name was given wrong to the "Kimon M." first but the real "Seastar" was lost outside of Small Gubal.


After the ship first struck the reef Abu Nuhas it was on the way to Suez to be repaired. The ship took water and the captain tried to beach her on the reef outside Gubal.  Sea conditions were bad and big waves took the 100 m long Greek cargo ship soon down the reef.


While the two anchors are still on the reef top the bow is now in 27 m and the stern is at a depth of 56 m. The holds collapsed but the bow, superstructure and the stern are intact and rarely covered by corals but jackfish, trevellies and snapper stay with the always present current.


Due to the very exposed position the wreck can only be dived in real calm sea.


Note May 2012: Dive Sites in the area of Gubal Island can not be dived due to an order from the military. This affects the dive sites of Ulysses, Barge, Malak and the Rosalie Moller. It is unknown how long the restriction will be in place.