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Rosalie Moller

(27°39.030' N, 33°46.170' E)


The "Rosalie Moller" was built in the early 1900s in Glasgow, transporting coal from England to Alexandria when German bombers struck it on 8th October 1941 - only two days after the sinking of the "Thistlegorm".


The "Rosalie Moller" was also lying at anchor when hit and went down upright with a loss of two lives. The wreck now lies on a sandy, muddy bottom with the bow down into the sand, port anchor up starboard down. First to see is the foremast with a crow nest now starts at a depth of 22 m and the top of the deck is in 35 m, the intact propeller in 48 m while the starboard anchor is deployed with the chain running down to the seabed at 50 m and then out of sight. The dive is deep, bottom time is limited and visibility is much lower than elsewhere.


The location outside of Gubal is extremely exposed to the sea, wind and waves. This dive is definitely only for very experienced divers, has limited bottom time, reduced visibility so extra skills are needed to dive this wreck. Good planning and surface support are a must for this challenging dive.


Note May 2012: Dive Sites in the area of Gubal Island can not be dived due to an order from the military. This affects the dive sites of Ulysses, Barge, Malak and the Rosalie Moller. It is unknown how long the restriction will be in place.