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Sharm El Sheikh


With the Red Sea on one side and the Sinai mountains on the other, Sharm El Sheikh, the city of peace, is situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. During the past 20 years the area of Sharm El Sheikh has become one of the most accessible and developed Red Sea resorts.  What once has been a favored place for fishermen has changed into the top holiday destination in the Middle East. Year round sunshine, sea and sand, all inclusive resorts, intimate hotels, luxury five-star resorts of well known international chains, all kind of sport activities, golf courses and health facilities, snorkeling, surfing and diving, restaurants from around the world, shopping malls, nightclubs, discos, casinos and great nearby various antiquities attractions made Sharm El Sheikh the jewel of Sinai. The region itself is a series of smaller and bigger bays and can be divided into three main regions: Sharm, Naama Bay and Nabeq.

Sharm refers to the area of the Old Market, the International Port and on top of the cliff the hotel and residential area of Hadabah Om Sid. The high cliff of Ras Um Sid is well known and many exclusive hotels have been built overlooking the Red Sea till Ras Mohamed. Downhill, still unchanged, but hardly to see today as hidden by palm trees, is an odd limestone boulder that is shaped through erosion into the portrait of J. F. Kennedy. Hadabah is developing fast; lately a new promenade formed around the oriental entertainment park of Alf Leila Wa Leila. The municipality, the post office, bank area and telecommunication center are also located here, Aqua Park and close by Noos Karting. Downtown in Sharm el Moya are many bazaars, supermarkets and surprisingly good and cheap restaurants. Here all is a bit more basic. The old market, even it changed, is still the main shopping area for Sharmers and Egyptians, don’t miss it. Next is the bay of Sharm el Mina with the International Port, a ferry to Hurghada is departing from here regularly. Egyptian forces and the Multinational Forces of Observers (MFO) - mainly Italians and Americans – are also based at this harbor. Beside is Travco Marina were private yachts, daily boats and liveaboards are waiting to take guests to the several destinations around.

Naama Bay, which means pleasant in Hebrew, is known for as the heart of all activities. Lots of hotels and dive centers are located in the bay and make it a paradise for sun lovers and water-sport enthusiasts. Shopping centers, tourist offices, banks and other services are contributing to serve tourist and residents. Naama’s uncountable malls provide shops with both foreign and local products, including jewelry, leather goods, clothing, pottery, books and supermarkets. The promenade at the sea gets alive at night, also the discos, nightclubs, pubs and bars in the heart of Naama. If you like you can party till the sunrise. Along the coastline, up till the Airport, several new hotels & resorts opened during the last years. Every resort has got its own bar with different happy hour offers. Most hotels entertain their guests with belly dancing performances and wide variation of evening entertainment. All hotels offer special evening events which can be a dinner and disco or show in the desert under million of stars.

North to the airport up to the entrance of Nabeq Protectorate, many new resorts in a fascinating surrounding have developed. Several resorts and all inclusive clubs are opened and staying in the Nabeq area one should bear in mind that it is windier here than in Naama Bay or Sharm, an advantage in the hot summer months! Outside the resorts construction at this relatively new area is still in progress.