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Climate & Weather


Throughout most of the year Egypt is hot and dry. Alexandria and the Mediterranean coast experience milder weather. The short spring is cooler here and during the 50 days of wind (Khamseen) that usually arrives in April (occasionally can show in March or May), dust storms can occur sporadically.


Summers are hot and dry in most of the country and humid in the Delta and along the Mediterranean Coast. Autumn is short and winters are mild with some rain. Usually there are bright, sunny days and cold nights. Throughout the Delta and the northern Nile Valley, also in the mountains of Sinai, there are occasional winter cold spells accompanied by light frost and even snow and ice in the higher mountain region.


Egypt receives less than 80 mm of precipitation annually in most areas. Rain falls along the coast, but even the wettest area, around Alexandria, receives only about 200 mm of precipitation per year. Alexandria has relatively high humidity, but sea breezes help keep the moisture down to a comfortable level. Moving south, the amount of precipitation decreases suddenly. Cairo receives a little more than 100 mm of precipitation each year. The city, however, reports humidity as high as 77 % in summer, during the rest of the year, humidity is low. The areas south of Cairo see only traces of rainfall. Some areas will go years without rain and than experience strong rainfalls that result in flash floods. North Sinai receives more rainfall than the other desert areas, and numerous wells and oases dot the region.


When being on a liveaboard out at sea expect the air temperature is around 35°C or higher during summer months, so just bring some T-Shirts, shorts, swimming suits, a sun hat and a sweatshirt or jacket. Even in summer it may be windy in the evening, there are often strong winds so do not forget to protect your ears. In wintertime you should always have some warm clothes and a jacket, the days are warm and sunny, but the nights can be cold and windy. Special when you are coming up from a night dive you will appreciate it. Pending on where you are water temperatures never drop below 18°C in winter and can reach up to 28°C during summer.