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The enchantment of the Red Sea is hidden just beneath its crystal blue surface - over 1.000 species of invertebrates, about 200 types of coral and a 1.000 species of fish, more than any other comparable area has to offer. Not surprisingly, the Red Sea is known for best diving in the world!


The clear water and sky assure that the sea is filled with light for perfect growth condition of tropical marine life. Water temperatures remain stable year round, in winter from 18 - 22°C, in summer about 25 - 30°C, at lagoon reefs it can be even higher. The coldest month of the year is January and the warmest are July and August. More than 100 different kinds of corals, more than 1.000 different species of fish - diving in the Red Sea is spectacular. Schools of fish, sharks, mantas, stingrays, turtles, huge coral heads, and colourful soft corals - whatever you are looking for the Red Sea can offer it.


You are a beginner, an experienced diver or you visited the area before - be sure there is always the right place for your level of experience and in each dive something beautiful and new to see!

Strait of Tiran

Created by seismic activity along the Afro-Syrian Rift, the Gulf of Aqaba is a deep narrow body of water, bordered by Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Geologically, ...

Ras Mohamed National Park

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Strait of Gubal

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Abu Nuhas & Wrecks

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