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Woodhouse Reef

(28°00.119' N, 34°27.970' E)


Lying between Jackson and Thomas Reef,  Woodhouse Reef is a long, finger-like reef that is perfect for a drift dive along the sheltered eastern side.


The current is usually moderate, but can pick up especially toward the northern channel between Woodhouse and Jackson. Care should be taken not to get pulled around the point here, as you could be swept off the reef into the Strait of Tiran.


Coral cover is excellent throughout the reef. Look for pelagic fish, big tuna and schools of trevally or jacks, fusiliers, snapper, surgeons, sharks and eagle rays in the big blue of the deeper water. A second reef runs parallel to the main reef at a depth of 33 m. There are a few sandy patches at depths of around 20 m where often sleeping nurse, leopard or white-tip sharks can be found.