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Thomas Reef

(27°59.437' N, 34°27.644' E)


Located between Gordon Reef and Woodhouse Reef, Thomas Reef is the smallest of the four Tiran reefs but probably the most interesting and richest in marine life.


Currents found here can be very strong and will quite often change direction during your dive, especially at the outer edges of the reef. Thomas is usually a drift dive with deep walls fully covered with colourful soft coral, impressive gorgonias and hard corals. In summer look out for hammerheads. In summer Thomas is also good place for shark-watch.


Fish life is also rich - look out for groupers, box and buffer fish. Most of the life, colour and soft corals are in the 18-25 m depth range, so there is no real need to venture beyond this depth. One key feature of Thomas is a deep canyon which is on the east side. The canyon starts at approximately 35 m and extends seaward to well below safe diving depth.


At the north-eastern corner of the reef you may come upon a very strong counter current. If you can get past this point and sea conditions are excellent, you can go around the entire reef.