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Ras Ghozlani

(27°47.527' N, 34°15.752' E)


Ras Ghozlani is the most northern dive site inside Ras Mohamed National Park, located at the southern entrance to the bay of Marsa Bareika. The bay was opened for diving a few years ago but access is restricted to certain sites.


Ras Ghozlani can be only done as a drift dive, currents are rarely getting strong. A steep wall with caves and overhangs, which becomes a gentler slope around the corner and is scattered with colourful coral pinnacles, some covered with glassfish.


The area closer to the entrance of Marsa Bareika let you feel like being in a surrealistic underwater forest, set up by table corals and series of hard corals cover in colourful red and pink soft corals. In spring look out for manta rays.