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Kormoran (Zingara)

(28°01.063' N, 34°29.242' E)


The "Kormoran" (also known as Zingara) was built in Rostock, in former East Germany and launched as the "Kormoran" in 1963. The name was later changed to "Adamastos" until in 1980, another owner renamed it "Zingara".


In August 1984 the merchant vessel sailed from Aqaba with a cargo of phosphate when an error in navigation caused it to hit the reef in front of Tiran Island. Just a few minutes from the North Laguna beacon, lying on the bottom at a rather shallow depth of only 8 m, the wreck is easy to find because its stern is partly above the surface.


The 82 m long "Kormoran" has a tremendous impact and lost almost all of its bow. Two large cracks opened on its left side and the superstructure of the vessel was irreparably damaged. The stern, propeller, motor, rudder and winch on the deck are well preserved and a part of the name can be read on the bow side. The wreck is covered by small table corals and schools of yellowfin goatfish.


Best conditions for a dive are usually in the afternoon, when the current is at its slowest, sea is calm and the sun lights up the wreck. The dive can only be done when the sea is calm to ensure good visibility.