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(27°43.300' N, 34°15.000' E)


At the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula Yolanda Reef is named after the 74 m long Cypriot freighter "Yolanda" which struck the reef on the 1st of April 1980.


The wreck laid partially submerged on the reef top until a storm caused it to drop to the sandy plateau. During a storm in March 1987, most of the ship finally has fallen over the drop-off to about 200 m, leaving a huge scar in the slope between Shark and Yolanda Reef.


Although, a quantity of the cargo remains for the amusement of the divers: bathtubs, toilets and bathroom fittings.Today Yolanda's remains are a new home to many of the resident species, in special large groupers, and are rich in marine life.