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Climate & Weather

Throughout most of the year Egypt is hot and dry. Alexandria and the Mediterranean coast experience milder weather. The short spring is mild and during the 50 days of wind (Khamseen) that usually arrive in April (occasionally can show in march or may), dust storms can occur sporadically. ...


Sharm El Sheikh

With the Red Sea on one side and the Sinai mountains on the other, Sharm El Sheikh - the city of peace is situated on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. During the past 15 years the area of Sharm El Sheikh has become one of the most accessible and developed Red Sea resorts. ...


Sinai Peninsula

Sinai represents Egypt's Asian part, as the border between Africa and Asia is drawn along the Suez Canal. The peninsula is roughly triangular in shape, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Negev Desert, the Gulf of Aqaba, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez. At its tip in the south the Gulf of Aqaba ...


Red Sea

The Red Sea, created by plate movements 40 to 20 million years ago, stretches from Bab al Mandab between Yemen and Ethiopia to the Sinai Peninsula where it divides into two arms. The younger age of the Gulf of Aqaba makes it deep, about 100 m close to Dahab and up to 1.800 m north of Tiran. ...