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White Knight

(27°57.627' N, 34°23.888' E)


White Knight is located close to Ras Nasrani. A small wall that descends and becomes a gently sloping sand plateau ranging from 5 - 15 m depth.


Large rocks and coral heads full of marine life typically covered with soft and hard corals. Of interest on the sandy plateau is the eel colony. Turn south from here with the reef on the right hand side. You will see another attraction, the canyon of White Knights starting at 9 m and descend deep to a sand bottom. Pass through a series of overhangs and two arches, one at around 15 m and a second at 45 m.


A ten minutes swim south from the canyon the local dive boat Noos 1, grounded in 1994, is lying upside down, completely burnt out after it caught fire. Today only a few pieces can be found.