King Snefro

Welcome to King Snefro Fleet Liveaboards!


(27°51.000' N, 34°18.600' E)


At the centre of the Ras Um Sid bay 3 tower-like pinnacles rise up from 17 m close to the surface - The Temple!


They are rather close to each other; one of them can be swum through with sandy channels in between them. Sheltered, nearly free from current and relatively shallow, this is the right place to check the equipment adjust weights, and a good introduction site to the Red Sea.


Hiding a surprisingly rich variety of reef animals with lots of colour and marine life, covered with soft and hard corals, lionfish all around and watch out carefully for stonefish. Temple also is a good spot to see octopus and a very popular night-dive site: feeding basket stars, colourful feather stars and soft corals that are very beautiful in the dive lights. With luck see a spanish dancer performing an amazing underwater ballet.